Previous Events (2018 & 2019)

During the first event, attendees were invited to write or draw their inspiration from the event. These creations were collected and used to create the quilt seen above.

Below are a few selected talks given at previous events.

TEDxHastingsSt 2018: Chellie Spiller

Chellie Spiller bridges the gap between the ancient Polynesian art of Wayfinding and modern theories of leadership.

TEDxHastingsSt 2018: Zaheer Ali

Zaheer Ali spoke about how Agile processes can be adapted to any organizational system (beyond tech) and even in our personal lives.

TEDxHastingsSt 2019: Chris Heath

Chris illustrates the unseen connections between the things you can see. Is the world around us really as simple as it first appears?

TEDxHastingsSt 2019: Lani Morris

Specializing in organizational behaviour, Napier native Lani Morris then present the Map of Meaning: a visualization to help us create work worth doing, a life worth living, and organisations worth having.

TEDxHastingsSt 2020: Bhavna Nagar

Bhavna, a clinical psychologist, speaks from her own personal journey with self-abusive thoughts. She explains how to parent your own inner critic to become successful and happy at the same time.

TEDxHastingsSt 2020: Jules Congalton

The energy landscape will change significantly in the near future as exciting and promising new technologies are constantly emerging. These changes could make a profound difference for our society. How can these innovations improve society by tackling energy issues that play a crucial role in people’s lives?