TEDxHastingsSt 2018

TEDxHastingsSt 2018 explored culture in its many manifestations.

The old adage, culture eats strategy for breakfast, is often pointed at business managers to encourage them to broaden the view of their business. However, the importance of culture stretches beyond the corporate world to every aspect of life. Governments must be conscious of the cultural impact of their policies. Scientists must recognize how their own culture may skew their own experiments.

Even at the individual level, our own culture constantly fights against our strategies as well. Dieting is a classic example. It is never successful unless the dieter can change their personal culture. 

TEDxHastingsSt was held on 7 July 2018 at MTG Hawke’s Bay which is just off Hastings St. 

The logo for the event was designed by Sandra McNair at The Print House to represent the natural flow of culture as well as NZ’s ethnic diversity.

The event began with a Haka Powhiri from Kahurangi in Hastings.

Joyce Gioia then addressed how families, organizations, and individuals can create a culture of caring.

Romaine Crawford spoke about ways to improve education for indigenous populations with a focus on Maori students in NZ.

Zaheer Ali spoke about how Agile processes can be adapted to any organizational system and even in our personal lives.

Robyn Hewetson shares her experiences with abuses of power and fear from being a left-handed child. Then, she discussed how art can help us love ourselves and how we must do so before we can seize the precious opportunities we have with our families. It’s a powerful talk that will inspire you to skydive.

Sue De Bievre discusses how non-binary thinking can help humanity become more just, more environmentally responsible, and more profitable.

Hal Josephson explores the history of digital technologies through the decades with a view for its future.

Chellie Spiller bridges the gap between the ancient Polynesian art of Wayfinding and modern theories of leadership.

David Trubridge wrapped up the event with a deeper look at how the ancient arts can inform our modern cultures.
This was the final thought of the day.